Linencraft has set the benchmark in the demanding laundering industry by meeting exacting standards for dry-cleaning and laundering.

Linencraft caters to an industry that demands high laundering and dry-cleaning standards. Linencraft in a short span has grown to four plants capable of processing volumes up to 210 tons per day. All our plants are ultra-modern, state-of-the-art industrial facilities. 

Linencraft currently processes close to 660,000 pieces per day servicing various industry segments including airline, institutional work wear, hospitality and healthcare. The seamless integration of functional expertise, highly experienced teams and meticulous details of chemical programs ensure high quality and end to end services.

Linencraft ensures strict compliance with health and safety regulations whilst driving eco-efficiency throughout the organisation.

Emirates Flight Catering - Linencraft
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Dubai, UAE
Tel : +971 4 8851115