Food Point

With a capacity of 52 million meal equivalents per year, Food Point is currently the only food production facility of its kind between Europe and the Far East.

Our 10,000m2 facility is located at Dubai Investment Park and is flexible enough to meet all needs, ranging from a small 300kg batch of sauce for a hotel or contract caterer, through to large batches of 15,000 centrally-produced meals for airlines.

We stringently enforce all health and safety regulations to guarantee a safe environment for staff and maintain the highest standards in food hygiene. Our conveyor belts incorporate Microban, a technology built into products during manufacturing to provide continuous antibacterial and anti-fungal protection. This ensures our building is as hygienic as is technically possible.

We follow ISO, HACCP and ITCA (International Travel Catering Association) guidelines, as well as those laid down by the Dubai Municipality, which are based on EU principles and among the strictest in the world.

Food Point is ideally situated at the heart of one of the world's largest trading zones and we use suppliers from all around the globe to acquire the very best quality ingredients. Every step of our procurement process is fully audited to ensure extreme hygiene levels and flawless maintenance of the cold chain.

Emirates Flight Catering - Food Point
Dubai Investment Park 1
P. O. Box : 261133
Dubai, UAE
Tel : +971 4 8851115